Personal Information

Name: Tarek Diab

Attorney At Law - Managing Partner

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He had a bachelor’s degree in laws from the Faculty of Law Cairo University, diploma in e-commerce from the World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO) and a master’s degree in International Business Law from Cumbria University-London-UK in Legal Advanced Skills, International Intellectual Property Law, International Trade Law, International Investment Law, Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR), Corporate Governance and he presented and defended his dissertation in (The provisions of Mergers and Acquisitions, a comparison study in the light of the laws of the UK, UAE, and Egypt).

Professional Experience

  • Preparing, implementing and following up strategic plans for the Multi-National companies to protect their intellectual property rights worldwide.
  • Determining the scope of the function, the policies and the mechanism of the work of the Legal Departments of the corporations in different jurisdictions.
  • Directing the Legal work of the Legal Departments of the companies or the Law Firms. This is to include supervising the work of the lawyers and providing the necessary guidance and instructions.
  • Providing legal advices to the corporations in relation to Corporate Governance Provisions, which extend but not limited to, specifying the structure of the corporation, making sure that the main principles of the Corporate Governance are comprised in the policies of the corporations and determining the functions & responsibilities of the main departments of the corporation and drawing the reporting line of their staff.
  • Providing the legal service in relation to the Alternative Disputes Resolutions, which includes Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration.
  • Providing the legal frame work, requirements and legal documents of making Mergers & Acquisitions between corporations. Also, providing the legal frame and drafting agreement of joint venture deals.
  • Presenting the legal strategy of handling more than one thousand and five hundred court cases in relation to Civil, Commercial and Intellectual Property disputes in different jurisdictions.
  • Providing the guidance of carrying out the necessary actions and procedures of incorporating new companies and drafting the relevant AOAs and / or MOAs and other relevant documents required for the incorporation.
  • Drafting Franchise, License, Transfer Technology, Commercial Agency, Distributorship Agreements and many other agreements in relation to conducting business.

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